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Foundation Document

We, youngsters from Dunaújváros, were brought up in the spirit of Selmec, and on a bright day in May 1995, we gathered to found a society to make our friendly relationship stronger and spread the heritage of Selmec further. According to the traditions of Selmec, the old-timers must set a good example.

  1. Since our ancestors were keen on having fun, we also stand against trouble, waving our hands and saying: SEBAJ! should some problems arise. From this time on this trouble-oblivious exclamation is the official name of our society.
  2. Let's have the always-smiling SEBAJ Tobias as the coat-of-arms of our society.
  3. To be worthy for the name of our society and to make us be in high spirits, let’s have the song beginning with the words: "Lakom az Flandorffer utca... (Living in Flandorffer Street)" as our official song. It sings Toby as well. Anywhere we hear this song, it's obligatory for us to stand up and sing it in honour of one another and our own BURSCH lives.
  4. Moreover, if our mouths get dry from singing, we can drink only a special kind of white wine made from the most delicious grapes called Muskotály, since "... a muskotály kitűnő bor... (Muskotály is an excellent wine)".
  5. Let's have the well-known Apostol Tavern as the place of our special evenings that make us forget about solicitude every year. In this most intimate place, we are officiently provided with our sacred drink of excellent quality. And if we would like to have an extra party besides the one organised every year, we can gather in this tavern to have a good time and sing cheerful songs.
  6. Let's have some goblets made every 5 years to make us remember our student-days and the fact that how fast the years go by. These goblets should be held in great respect to regard it as a fine ornament in our homes.
  7. Let's keep an ornamented album in order to preserve the funny remarks made on the special evenings and meetings.
  8. Our society is kept together by love and friendship, so new members can join us only taking this principle into consideration. Anyone who would like to join us have to:
    • get on well with the members of the society to make them all vote for his or her membership.
    • know the history of the society, the traditions of Selmec and the official songs.
    • bring wine in the wood - we will determine how big the barrel has to be.
  9. Let's not have a bell-wether! (except in the special evenings)
+1. In order to preserve the cheerful atmosphere of our programs, special boyfriends, girlfriends, wives and husbands are excluded!

This document is sacred and invulnerable. It is valid right after having been confirmed. We, the members of the society, signing up this document accept and observe all the conditions and rules mentioned above.

14 december 2005.

Confirmed by: Gábor Hajós Signatures:
Attila Salamon as Ping-Pong-Pang
Tímea Vadász as Pipen
Róbert Gágó as Jam (Lekvár)
József Kotán as ylesrevnI (avtídroF)
Szabolcs Kiss as Antialcoholica